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How much does childbirth hurt?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Screaming, moaning, and cursing, these are some of the soothing sounds associated with childbirth. 🤰🏻

Every person's birth experience will be unique. Pain is highly subjective and varies greatly. This means that you may experience pain differently than your mother or sister.

It's important to remember that childbirth pain is manageable, and that both medicated and more holistic pain relief methods, such as visualization and massage, are available.

Pain isn't always consistent during labor, and you'll probably have breaks from it between contractions or while pushing. However, you may notice that it increases after your water breaks or as labor progresses, and that some aspects of the pain are temporary while others persist for some time after giving birth.

When you consider the pain of childbirth, remember that it is intentional, anticipated, intermittent, and a necessary part of your baby's birth! 🥰👶🏻🧸🍼

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