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These classes will provide information you need to empower you to ask the right questions to your care providers 

Classes to empower you to be partners in your care rather than just recipients. To feel in control not only in labour, but for the entire journey including pregnancy and postpartum. 

Having that sense of empowerment in pregnancy will affect how you feel in labour. You will want to be part of the decision making process and this is what I want all my classes to be about. So that even if things don’t go exactly according to your birth plan, which happens, you can still feel in control of yoir pregnancy and your birth, because you are well informed, you know the right questions to ask and you can be part of the decisions about your pregnancy and your baby.

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For urgent care and questions always speak to the midwife or obstetrician in charge of your care. This service is for non urgent questions and for educational purposes only. Although I am a registered and practicing midwife, I am not your named midwife or in charge of your care.

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